iridium mobile

At the palm of your hand.

Iridium mobile is a trusted system for building automation control. it's versatility can work with every hotel, not mather how big.
Smart Room Control

Iridium Mobile system provides you and your guests with a great way to control the hotel, from the ground up…


Android & ios comaptible

Iridium’s i3pro mobile app is accessible via Google Play store and Apple App Store. 


one application for everything

This application alone can be used to control lights, curtains, heating and cooling, alarm, cameras, doors and much more.


easy to use

The only thing user needs to do is download the app and log in with predefined credentials.


energy management

It’s simple to define scenes for every aspect of a smart hotel and thus save energy, but also money.


modern design

Desgin schemes we use are slick and user friendly, we are sure that your guests will love it.

fully customizable

Everything in the app itself can be customizable since we develop everything from the start.