room thermostats

Important Piece of every room

Aside from regulating the heating and cooling of the room our thermostats only add on to existing interior design.
Thermostat in a hotel

Nobody wants to see those old, white and boxy thermostats in their 5 STAR Suite.


great design

Aside from important funcionalities our design is the number 1 thing we are focused on. Seamlessly adapts to the interior design.


wifi option

Wifi option is available to take advantage of the remote controlling.



Program the whole week in advance and get it of your chores list.


keeping the settings during power outage

If their is any kind of power outage at a Hotel you don’t want your 300+ room thermostats to lose their settings set by the guests.

Connectivity Options


Choose Your Color

We give you the option to choose your colors of our Thermostats

always branding

If you like we can put your logo on the Thermostat itself

Plenty of models

Some of the hottest Room Thermostats in 2020.

We offer many more models so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Request a quote

Tell us about your project and we will put together the best solution for the best price